TechDoc RIS

Over 10 million dollars procedures coded every month…
Over 500 procedures scheduled every day…
Over 1000 Referring Physicians…
Are you looking to migrate your RIS to a newer technology?

TechDoc RIS is a fully integrated Radiology Information System which includes Patient Scheduling, Billing, Results Reporting, MAMO Tracking, Tech Sheet Printing, Secure Referral Physician Login, PACS Integration, Voice Recognition Integration and much more. TechDoc RIS has been successfully implemented at large Radiology groups. If you are looking to migrate to a newer technology, CNTIT will be able to assist you in this task. CNTIT has successfully migrated RIS from a Legacy system to TechDoc RIS.

TechDoc RIS Features

  • Patient Scheduling
  • Medical Billing
  • Result Reporting
  • Tech Sheet Printing
  • MAMO Tracking
  • Referral Physician Login
  • PACS Integration
  • Voice Recognition Integration
  • Latest Web Based Technology
  • Secure SaaS Model / On-site Implementation