Electronic Prescription Module

Write Prescriptions Electronically and Transmit it to the Pharmacies.

Techdoc © Electronic Prescription (Rx) module allows the physicians to write prescriptions electronically and transmit it to the pharmacies. The Electronic Prescription modules provides access to industry standard comprehensive Drug database. The Electronic Prescription module check automatically for Drug interactions and Usage Warnings for the prescribed drugs. The module provides easy and quick access to patient drug history.

Electronic Prescription Module Features:

  • Industry Standard Drug Database
  • Automatic Drug Interaction Checks
  • Formulary/Non-Formulary Alternative Recommendations based on Rx plan
  • Easy access Patient Drug History
  • Access to Industry Standard SIG
  • Transmit Prescriptions Electronically for Pharmacies
  • Print Prescription Locally
  • Access to External Drug Prescriptions through Rx HUB
  • View Refill Requests and Prescription Clarification from Pharmacies

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