Seamless Interface with other HL-7 compliant systems.

Techdoc © is a HL7 compliant Practice Management System which allows bi-directional interfacing with other HL7 compliant HealthCare systems. HL7 is the global standard for interoperability between HealthCare systems. HL7 standards provides seamless interoperability to exchange sensitive HealthCare data between two HL7 compliant system which results in enhanced work flow, secure data sharing between two entities such as Physician Office, Hospitals, Labs and Government Agencies without compromising on HIPAA regulations.

Techdoc HL7 Features:

  • Patient Demographics Interface
  • Patient Arrival Interface
  • Medical Order Interface
  • Medical Results Reporting Interface
  • Bi-directional HL7 Interface
  • Quick and easy setup of Interfaces
  • Audit Trial on all successful and failed calls

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