Patient Scheduling

Over a million procedures scheduled…

TechDoc offers an easy to use Patient Scheduling module which is integrated with Patient Registration, Patient Billing and Electronic Medical Recording. TechDoc allow the scheduler to Schedule, Cancel, Re-Schedule, Double Book Appointments for one or more Physician(s) or any other resource(s) in the Practice. TechDoc Scheduling module allows the Scheduler to setup Resource Availability, Appointment Types and Appointment Duration in order generate appointment slots that matches the practice needs. The Patient Scheduling module provides a weekly calendar view of all available, reserved and cancelled appointment slots.

Patient Scheduling Module Features

  • Flexible Resource Availability setup
  • Vacation/Holiday Setup
  • Flexible Appointment Duration
  • Flexible Appointment Slots
  • Weekly Calendar View
  • Quick and Easy Appointment Reservation
  • Color Coded Appointment Sheet.
  • Schedule, Re-Schedule, Cancel Appointments.
  • Track No Show
  • Track New patients

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