Practice Management / EMR

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The transition to a Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a great challenge that takes great care to achieve with success. The situation healthcare is facing today is one of increasing costs and decreasing reimbursement, which places the viability of any healthcare organization at risk.

The goal of implementing an EMR is to streamline clinical and financial processes. Quality of care and patient safety must be improved, costs must be decreased, revenue and reimbursement must increase, and the quality of life must improve for both patients and providers. There are numerous benefits to implementing an electronic medical record system, from improved quality of patient care to improved patient safety. Features such as a unified medical record that spans across office boundaries, increased efficiencies through process improvement, improved communication with hospitals, providers and labs, improved medication management, health registries and alert reminders, and compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements make the benefits of EMR a necessity, not an option, to survive. EMR is a large investment, not only in capital requirements but also human resource requirements. Simply stated, healthcare organizations cannot afford to operate without an EMR. Planning today will secure operations for tomorrow.