Customer Service

The service availed by the providers to the patient/insurance/attorney, whom we actually consider as customers, so as to provide better assistance for their queries and concern. The nature of the process is actually inbound type of setup.

CNTI provides the Customer Service for your facility and handles calls for your offices during lunch hours, after hours or during the entire day. The customer service team handles the patient inquiries and collects the outstanding patient responsibility. Out bound calls are done on cases where the patient have not responded to the statements.

Challenges involved in Patient Follow up & Customer Service

  • Incorrect Data collected in the front end – Insurance and Patient demographic details
  • Non-identification of non-covered services
  • High Bad debts
  • Tracing Patients
  • Irate Patients

CNTI Solution

  • Dedicated team for analyzing the Patient Responsibilities
  • Patient over payment are processed immediately
  • Trained and courteous customer service team to handle patient queries
  • Customized letters and follow-up process
  • Effective skip-tracing